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Shreyas Networks is Hyderabad based Embedded Development Company, back end work for the company is being started in the year 2009 by a team of dynamic professional engineers with expertise in diverse fields and disciplines with the aim of providing state-of-the-art high quality embedded products and innovative solutions in hardware & software.

Embedded system solutions, with hardware and software, supported by its sound expertise in variety of 8/16/32 bit Controllers, Wireless domain, real-time systems and Medical Electronics. Software solutions on various hardware platforms – embedded to computers / workstation.

Shreyas Networks has carved a niche for embedded systems. It is recognized for its technical expertise, responsiveness to customer needs, in time delivery, cost effective products, and meeting customer expectations with proven commitment to quality services to its esteemed customers. 



Innovation and quality


Our innovative force is evident in the 25% share of turnover we achieve with products that are on the market for a maximum of two years. We ensure compatibility and replace ability though by using a modular and system approach.

More and more often, it is Shreyas Networks innovations that conquer technological boundaries and open up new fields of application.

Our company's history shows that we have always opened up new fields of measuring and embedded technology and implemented innovative solutions. An inquisitive mind is very much the tradition at Shreyas Networks. Around 80% of our employees work on development and embedded engineering tasks to expand our range of products with new technologies, processes and materials.


 Medical Electronic  World Of Shreyas Networks




 Medical electronics companies are developing innovative new products that allow this industry to offer better quality care at reduced costs; such innovation requires faster time to market for the medical electronics companies. The present technology savvy generation believes prevention is better than cure. Hence solutions need to be cost effective to be productized.

Shreyas Networks recognizes this challenge and leverages its perfect blend of experience and an innovative culture to help such medical electronics companies accelerate new design and development, while constantly re-engineering and sustaining legacy products. Shreyas Networks technical expertise in developing life-critical products gives medical electronics companies a value added partner that can continuously innovate within the constraints of R&D budgets and compliance requirements.

As the industry moves towards patient focused solutions, today's technologies thrive on convergence, connectivity, Shreyas Networks experience and understanding of the technology landscape, coupled with a keen eye for detail into the ecosystem, gives equipment and technology providers a partner that can quickly build a competitive edge by reducing time to market for innovation



SHREYAS NETWORKS has successfully stepped into medical field to serve its clients better


  Competence and experience

Our components and systems are developed with a specific focus on market requirements and constantly brought to perfection. The dialogue with our customers provides the impetus and latest criteria for this. It is communication based on partnership that produces the decisive lead. Our pool of competence has grown as a result of numerous successful projects, which makes our embedded engineers and technicians’ suitable partners for our customers' best technical staff. We are able to delve deep into our customers' methods and processes, which means we always keep a hold on, and overview of, both the entirety and important details.


Our R & D teams combine an inspired search for solutions using latest knowledge and the experience of proven technical skills.

 Flexibility and speed

Our technological and commercial potential is a measurable plus, particularly as regards customer-specific project tasks. Project planning, development and manufacturing are so closely intermeshed that project steps crucial to success run in parallel, with alternative scenarios used to achieve the optimum path systematically in the shortest time. Through simultaneous approach, our customers have early access to detailed and robust product data. The time lead achieved increases the technical and commercial room for manoeuvre and improves the competitiveness of our customers due to the shorter time-to-market.


Safety and reliability

 Our components and systems serve to promote factors for success such as quality, effectiveness and process safety in many spheres of industry.
As a result, we guarantee that Shreyas Networks components and systems are the first choice for the long term: precision, robustness and reliability reduce not only their own lifetime costs but demonstrably increase productivity and availability in processes,
With our own efficient manufacturing capacity, we ensure that deliverability and the batch sizes of our products are in line with the dynamics of our markets at all times.

Products with the Shreyas Networks logo are required by an increasing number of industrial customers and particularly used where highest accuracy under toughest conditions is requested. Shreyas Networks enjoys a high degree of acceptance on the global market, offering its customers a broad spectrum of embedded and medical electronic solutions. Considering the technological developments of the last years Shreyas Networks has changed the product philosophy.







































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